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This Includes Pix From The 1963-2001 Brochures.
The History of Sindy: Britain's Top Teenage Doll 1962-1994.
When Sindy was launched in the autumn of 1963 with an exciting wardrobe of fashionable clothes, no-one could have predicted that over the next 30or so years she would become one of Britain's best-selling teenage dolls. Accompanied by her boyfriend Paul and her sister Patch, Sindy was supplied with ever-changing fashions designed by, amonst others, Mary Quant, Hardy Amies, Emanuel and Vivienne Westwood. This 300 page book with over 400 colour illustrations is packed with detailed year by year descriptions of the changes made to Sindy herself and her marvellous wardrobe which forms a veritable gallery of British fashions in minature.
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1982 Miss Sindy Range:- April Showers, Riding Out, Warm & Cosy, Lingerie.
Bottom Rodeo & Springtime