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Sindy Dolls at My Sindy is dedicated to collectors of the lovely Sindy Fashion Doll. Here you can learn how to identify your 1960s, 1970's and 1980's Sindy Dolls, repair your Sindy Doll, reroot your Sindy Dolls hair, learn all about your Sindy Dolls History, read stories and poems written about Sindy and view lovely images of my Sindy Doll collection.

I love Sindy Pedigree dolls the most so the site is a tribute to them. I have also featured Hasbro and Vivid Imaginations Sindy Dolls for new collectors.

Sindy Dolls - Discuss, Buy and Trade Sindy with other collectors.
Sindy Doll Stuff, PO Box 362, Cardiff, CF10 1YQ, South Wales, UK.

Sindy, The Doll You Love To Dress.

The idea of introducing a teenage fashion doll along thee lines of the successful Barbie doll was first conceived by the British company Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd. In 1962 and the resulting doll Sindy was released in September 1963. Deliberately going for a prettier, younger and sweeter look than vixen like vintage Barbie Doll, she had an extensive range of high quality fashions and accessories styled by top British designers.

The Sindy Doll has been through many face and body mould changes as various companies took over manufacture and marketing, Sindy has also had a variety of companions, houses, horses, fashions and professions.

Five companies have manufactured Sindy Dolls.
Firstly her makers Pedigree from 1963 to 1986, Marx during the late 1970's (including a gorgeous black Sindy called Gayle pictured above), Hasbro from 1986 to 1999 and vivid Imaginations from 1988 and most recently 2003 New Moon. She is rarely found for sale in Australia but is available in Europe along with a group of friends and accessories. My Sindy Dot Com helps with Identification, information on where to buy collectible Sindy dolls.

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Sindy - the doll you love to dress!
Sindy - the doll you love to dress! by fox_e_uk
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